Meet Our Instructors

DJ Saunders

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DJ, born and raised in Connecticut has been riding since he was 8 years old. Growing up learning the every curve of the streets and mastering the statewide parks as they have been built. He truly lives the skater life! DJ has worked with and at Rampage Skateshop while giving lessons since he can remember. Not only sponsored and the winner of many competitions, DJ is a major part of the skateboarding movement to spread this amazing skill to anyone who is excited to learn. Skating is his life and he is eager to help pass down this one of a kind sport/art form to the next generation. Book a session with DJ at any skill level from beginner to advanced. He can help you learn the basics to mastering any trick you haven’t been able to land. We are lucky he is on our team, don’t miss the chance of a lifetime to work with one of Connecticut’s best skaters.

Danny Freeman

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Danny born and raised in Connecticut has been riding since he could walk. Growing up he skated every chance he has had at any location available. Danny is no stranger to our local streets or to the numerous parks throughout the state and beyond. Not only sponsored by numerous companies and the winner of many skateboarding awards, Danny has made skateboarding not only his life but career as well. Danny has been casted in various commercials such as Adidas and Converse not to mention a show on HBO (Betty’s), but in movies as well his latest one being Clifford. More than lucky to have him on our team he is ready to hit the streets and parks to pass along his knowledge. Whether you are getting on the board for the first time or you have been riding for years and you just can’t figure something out, Danny has the skills and patience to get you where you want to be. He truly lives the skater life and has done more with the sport than he ever imagined he could.

Cade Eaton

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Cade is our youngest instructor but don’t let that fool you. His skills are sky high and he is ready to pass them along. Riding since he can remember, Cade hits the streets and parks as much as he possibly can. He has had many opportunities to expand his skating world and lives and thrives in every second of it. Come master the basics and learn some tricks making your run one you can be proud of. Super stoked to have him on our team, wait until you see what he can do. He also lives the skater life using every opportunity he has to incorporate skating in his everyday activities. Don’t miss the chance to work with one of our rising stars…you never know where these roads lead.